Lawn Care & Bed Maintenance

We offer full service lawn and landscape bed care to keep your property looking its best. Call today and talk with our lawn and maintenance professionals about any issues you are having with your property or to sign up for a general maintenance program.


Aeration and Over Seeding

Aeration and over seeding is recognized by lawn experts as the best treatment to 

  • Improve air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.

  • Enhanced soil water uptake.

  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use.

  • Reduced water runoff and puddling.

  • Stronger turfgrass roots.

  • Reduced soil compaction.

  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.

  • Improved resiliency and cushioning.

  • Enhanced thatch breakdown.

N.E.W. Landscape and Lawn Care believes the best time to Aerate is early fall. 

We also use the best seed available on the market to ensure a quality lawn.  We purchase top of the line seed through La Crosse Seed; whom offer guarantees to all of our customers on the quality they will receive. A strong quality product married with a quality install ensures you the best results.


Exclusive Fertilizing Program

Our fertilizer technicians are trained and certified experts to deliver the best health to your lawn. Our fertilizer program consists of ​5 applications a year. 

  • Spring

  • Early Summer

  • Mid-Summer

  • Early Fall

  • Late Fall


Spring: In spring we apply a granular fertilizer with crabgrass control. This application really helps to wake up your lawn after a long winter. It helps with early spring green up and start weed prevention. 


Early Summer: In early summer we apply a liquid fertilizer with broadleaf weed conrol. With this treatment we further nourish the root system of your lawn and continue to prevent weeds that take over during the heat of summer. 


Mid-Summer: In mid-summer we apply a booster to your lawn. It helps to continue adding nutrients and improve cell structure to the grass. (We recommend a grub control application in addition at this time of service)


Early Fall: Early fall we are still contending against weeds and heat. Our fourth application begins with another fertilizing and broadleaf weed control (with weeds still persistent). Our fertilizer technician will evaluate the health of your lawn at this stage to ensure the lawn is being properly managed. 


Late Fall: We’ll apply a final fertilizer to feed the root system and help your lawn adequately withstand the long and potentially harsh winter. This application also promotes earlier green-up next spring.

(Late Fall is when we suggest a core aeration)

Spring and Fall Clean Up

Spring Cleaning:

Blow out beds of light debris. Remove and dispose of garbage, twigs, and fallen leaves. Update trench edging on mulch beds. Mulch update to refresh beds for an attractive cleaned up looked for the season to come. Also pruning on evergreens and roses for shapely hedges. 

De-thatching: Lawn thatch is a communion of dead grass. Although some thatch is no problem for a lawn, too much compaction of thatch can cause stress. Too much thatch can choke out new growth by restricting nutrients and oxygen for healthy new blades of grass. Spring de thatching is very beneficial to allow proper intake of your fertilizing program. 

Removal of dead grass after de-thatching and hauling away is also available so you are left with a clean lawn for the rest of the season. 

Fall Clean-up and Leaf Removal Services:

  • Trim and shape ornamental shrubs for a neat winter appearance and to prevent snow and ice damage.

  • Dead wood or cross branches pruned to eliminate the chance of pest issues. (excluding roses and evergreens which are not recommended late fall).

  • Remove all leaves, branches, twigs and debris from lawn and planting beds.

  • Perennial flowers “dead-headed” to promote growth in the spring.

  • Collection and removal of leaves (timing for leaf removal is dependent on season)


Lawn Disease

Insecticide and Grub Control:

Grub Control: Grubs are pests in a larvae state that are beneath the surface of your lawn. The adult form of the June bug will lay the eggs early to late summer; then the eggs feast on the roots of your lawn. Application of grub control can help prevent the larvae state from being able to feed on the roots (therefore protective the integrity of your grass). 

Grubs alone can cause substantial damage to your lawn; but when they are present - so are the animals that dig up and feed on the larvae. Removing the grubs will also help protect from wild animals causing further destruction. 

We also offer a general insecticide to maintain the integrity of your lawn.  Call today to go over any concerns you may be having in regards to pests. 

Tree Trimming Services

We offer crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, crown restoration, deadwood pruning and structural pruning. Fruit tree pruning in winter as well. 

Lawn Mowing Services

N.E.W. Landscape and Lawn Care usually begins mowing services March - November. Although it is truly dependent on weather and temperatures. We cut both residential and commercial properties on a weekly basis with commercial mowers, trimmers, and blowers. We take our time to make sure every property is looking its best. With weekly blade sharpening; we ensure a clean cut and we never trim too short and jeopardize the health of the grass.

We also continuously alter the cutting pattern to prevent unsightly grooves in the lawn. 

Prices are dependent on location and size of property. 

Spots fill up for a cutting season quickly.

We also offer:

Bed maintenance and weeding and weed preventer

Shrub and Perennial Fertlizing