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Design, Landscaping, Construction, Maintenance, Lawn Care

We are a full service landscape and construction company serving the Green Bay and surrounding area's.  N.E.W. Landscape and Lawn Care began as a small lawn care business in 2002.  Since then we managed to grow successfully into a multi-faceted construction company offering various services dealing with all things "outdoors".  We are lucky to have a passionate, educated, and talented staff to offer the best in our area.  With a star management team and design services ahead of our time; we can proudly offer you quality work with the utmost confidence. Call today to experience the difference.



  1. We are licensed and insured –We will always be in compliance with the laws and regulations in our industry and are insured for all projects.

  2. Integrity. We keep in contact with our clients and follow through with our proposals and communicate regularly.

  3. Quality. We train and mentor our employees – Training is conducted monthly based on their specific job duties. We believe in our employees and train for success. We also do not rush our installs or maintenance; as we believe quality work is worth more than an inaccurate execute. 

  4. We hire only those employees who are legally authorized to work in U.S. and do background checks. – We have a very selective hiring process to ensure that only quality individuals will be working on your projects. 

  5. All employees are always legally paid on payroll and covered under our insurance –Our employees are paid legally and with industry competitive wages and are always covered under our Workmen’s Compensation insurance policy while working on the job. Our General Liability insurance covers all employees in case of an accident on your property.

  6. Employees of N.E.W. Landscape & Lawn Care will always act and appear in a professional manner – Our employees and vehicles are easily identifiable so you know who is on your property. Our employees will respect your property at all times and act in a professional manner.

  7. SAFETY is our highest priority – We provide weekly safety meetings, ongoing training, and all necessary safety gear in compliance with OSHA Regulations.

  8. Communication is Key – We have experienced managers on-site that are always available during working hours.

  9. Support – We have courteous and knowledgeable administrative office and field managers who are available at any time to handle all your questions and concerns.

  10. We believe in offering Environmentally Conscience Alternative choices to our clients. We will Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible.

We keep your information private and never act in high pressure sales. We are here to service you, not pressure you.

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